Mimi’s Catering is a great way to bring the taste of Mimi’s to any gathering, whether it’s a morning business meeting, a working lunch, or a hosted dinner with friends and family. Regardless of the occasion, our Catering Specialist will ensure that you can relax and savor the moment while your guests enjoy a taste of Mimi’s.

Our Catering Menu is designed to feed groups of 6, 12 or more. We offer a variety of choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner so you can customize your occasion and satisfy all the Mimi’s tastes your guests are looking for: Freshly Baked Muffins & Croissants, Café Sandwiches, Salads, hot entrées, and more.

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Call your local Mimi's if you would like advice on how much to order or if you have large party needs (50 people or more). We are happy to help you create the perfect Mimi’s menu for your event!