In 1978, long before Mimi’s became part of the LeDuff Goupe, a man named Arthur H. Simms opened a restaurant in Anaheim, California. Although Mimi’s has evolved over the years and continues to change with the times, the qualities that make Mimi’s one of a kind remain true; Our Three Standards of Excellence, ‘Show, Serve, and Create’ Excellence and ‘Service Values’ are the cornerstone of Mimi’s success. By applying the ‘Three Standards of Excellence’ and embracing our values of trust, teamwork, respect, integrity and commitment, we nurture and maximize talent to the benefit of each individual and the Company.

LeDuff Groupe, founded by Louis LeDuff over 30 years ago, is the leader on the international bakery café market. LeDuff currently owns and operates many different brands, including Mimi’s. Other brands include Brioche Doree, the leader of French-style bakery cafes; Del Arte, the number one Italian pizza and pasta restaurant in France; Fournil de Pierre, the high French baking tradition; Ferme des Loges, an organic farm in the middle of Breton countryside and other brands that you are more likely to be familiar with – Bruegger’s Bagels and La Madeleine.