Fundraising Opportunities

Mimis National charitable partner is Childrens Hunger Fund, where we have donated over 250,000 meals to children in need.Mimis And Childrens Hunger Fund Logo

20% Back Fundraiser Program
We can also help you raise funds for your school, booster club, sports organization or charitable group. Fundraisers are available in any of our Cafés, Monday through Thursday and we give 20% from food and non-alcoholic beverage purchases back to your members who show the Fundraising flier that we will provide.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers About Mimi’s Fundraising Program:

Q: What is required for the group to participate?
A: W9 Form and 501c3 documentation (if applicable), as well as determining the right date with the local Café and planning the fundraising date 2 or more weeks out. We book fundraisers Monday through Thursday. We also ask that you promote to your group through a flier that we provide.

Q: What does the group receive back?
A: The group receives 20% back from food and non-alcoholic beverages generated by the group. The group must show the printed flier, provided by Mimi’s, or show it on their mobile device to participate.

Q: What types of organizations qualify for fundraisers with Mimis?
A: We work with nonprofit and charitable organizations such as:

  • Schools
  • Booster Clubs
  • Faith-Based Organizations
  • Youth Sports League
  • Dance or Cheerleading Groups
  • NOTE: We do not offer fundraisers for Political Groups, Individuals, or For Profit organizations

Q: How do I schedule the Fundraiser with Mimis?
A: Contact your local Café (view Mimi’s Locations) and ask to speak with the General Manager:

  1. Discuss the date requested with the Café General Manager and then complete the Fundraising Agreement with the Café.
  2. The General Manager then submits the agreement to Corporate to approve the organization’s paperwork.
  3. You will receive a confirmation after approval and a flier to help you promote the event.

Q: What is the timing of the fundraiser on the day we have it?
A: Fundraisers are typically scheduled for Dinner during the week on Monday through Thursday. We can certainly expand that to lunch time as well. Specify the time period that works best for your organization on your Fundraising Agreement, and the GM will discuss timing with you after the fundraiser is approved.

Q: Can I cancel my fundraiser?
A: You may cancel your fundraiser but please provide a minimum of 72 hours notice prior to the scheduled event by calling the Café. Please note, any cancellation notice of less than 72 hours may affect any future fundraiser event requests.

Q: When will I receive the proceeds from my fundraiser?
A: Please allow 30 days for processing your fundraiser check (does not include delivery time). If it has been more than 6 weeks since your event and you still have not received a check, please contact the General Manager of the Café where you conducted the event.

Q: What makes a successful fundraiser?
A: The key to any successful fundraiser is getting as many of your members to participate as possible. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Plan ahead least a month in advance so you have enough time to promote to your parents or members.
  • Distribute the flier provided by your Café at least 30 days prior to the event, and a minimum of 2 weeks. This flier can be printed or emailed to you.
  • Use your own Marketing vehicles to promote such as your school or organization website and social media such as Twitter and Facebook to get the message out.

Gift Card Sales Program
Our Gift Card fundraising program enables organizations to purchase Mimi’s gift cards in bulk at a discounted rate. The organizations can then sell the gift cards at full value and keep the difference in price for their group. Select an organization below and begin today! It’s easy and profitable for you.

Learn More About Gift Card Sales
Great Lakes Scrip Center: 1-800-727-4715,
UnitedScrip, Inc.: 1-866-611-9701,
SVM: 1-877-300-1786,